How to Take Photos of Yourself

September 3, 2020







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How to Take Photos of Yourself


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Self photography is something that even the professional photographers I know struggle with. It’s definitely a frustrating feeling when you have a genius photo idea, but no one around to snap it for you. With the right tools and lots of practice, it’s possible to do it yourself! I’m sharing my best tips on how to take photos of yourself at home or in public. All of the photos in this post were taken by me! (Check out even more of my recent practice!)

Master Using a Tripod

A tripod is a must if you want to get serious with self photography. Sure, you can set your camera or phone against a ledge or wall, but usually it’s hard to predict your set-up options, especially if you’re traveling. It’s best to come prepared with a tripod! That way you can adjust your height and point of view for different shots.

Check out my favorite tripods for self-photography here. The flexible phone tripod is great for wrapping around poles, branches, car mirrors, you name it!

Sync Your Camera with Your Phone

If you have a Wi-Fi enabled DSLR camera, it can connect with your phone to make self photography SO much easier. For example, I have a Canon camera and I’ve downloaded the Canon app to my phone. When I’m out shooting, I connect my phone to my camera’s WiFi which shows me the camera view on my phone. I can also change the settings on my phone and hit the shutter button on my phone – can you say game changer?! Just make sure to find a place to hide your phone in the photo!

Use the Self-Timer

No camera app or phone connection? No problem. Self-timer gets the job done on both DSLRs and phones. iPhones have 3- or 10-second options, and most DSLR cameras have 2-, 10-, and 12-second options. I also suggest playing with the other shooting options on your camera besides single shooting which takes just one photo at a time. The continuous shooting feature snaps 10 quick photos at a time. This is a great way to strike different poses and see what works best without having to hit shutter every time!

Focus on the Final Product

Pay no attention to the people around you watching you take photos of yourself. I know, I know, this is easier said than done. When you have a vision for a badass photo but you feel too embarrassed and walk away, you’ll kick yourself later for passing up that opportunity. Just think that you’ll never see most of those strangers again, and the final product will be worth it!

Have Fun With It

If you’re used to staying behind the camera, getting in front of your lens might be outside of your comfort zone. Shooting in public? Even scarier! Try to loosen up and don’t take yourself too seriously. Be adventurous and try out different poses and faces – you never know what you’ll love until you try! Touch your face or hair, play with your outfit, and move your body. The more you have fun with this, the better your photos will turn out.

Now you’re ready to begin your self photography journey! Hopefully these tips helped you feel more comfortable with how to take photos of yourself. Good luck and tag me in your creations!

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    I love your tips and photos, Amanda! Can’t wait to travel with you and Jacob!! ?

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