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September 11, 2020







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Gone are the days of posting unedited, blasé photos. If you want to take your photography seriously or you just want to make your trip photos wall-worthy before printing, I’ve got you! I’ve tried just about every editing app out there. In my humble opinion, here are the best editing apps for creative photos. Get ready to blow away your social media followers with your fresh new edits!

Lightroom Mobile

This is the editing app of all editing apps. If you aren’t editing in Lightroom Mobile, you’re missing out on stunning photos! You’ve probably heard of Lightroom from all of the presets available for sale out there. Presets can definitely take your photos up a notch, but you can get beautiful results from playing around with this app on your own. This is my first editing stop for my photos, and most of the time I get the final product I want without using any others.

Favorite Feature – The “Selective” feature where you can select a specific area in the photo to isolate and edit. Want to bring out the clouds in a sunset? Tone down the color on your shirt? No problem!


Enlight is probably as close to Photoshop as you can get on your phone. From perspective correction to reshaping to pinpointed edits, this app will transform your photos. I will say, it’s a little advanced and more difficult that other editing apps I’ve used. But if you’re a Photoshop wiz, this should be a piece of cake for you.

Favorite Feature – The “Patch” feature under Tools. Lightroom has this option but it doesn’t work as well as Enlight. I use this for patching out zits, clothing stains, or small background interruptions.


Want to get really creative with your photos? PicsArt is the app for you. The possibilities are endless for funky and fun photo editing in PicsArt. Spice up your background? Easy. Make your shirt sparkle? Sure. Fake a mirror selfie? Yep. Turn your image into an album cover? No problem.

Favorite Feature – The “Cutout” feature lets you easily remove and replace your background. You can upload an entirely new photo behind you to switch you from the beach to the mountains if you want!

PicsArt photo edit | Best editing apps for creative photos


I only just discovered the TouchRetouch app this year, and my life and photos are forever changed. Is there a pesky tourist in the back of your photo? Maybe a light pole, wad of gum on the ground, or an airborne leaf? You can make it disappear with one touch. That’s it!

Favorite Feature – “Object removal” blows my mind every time. I’ve removed people from pools and cobblestone streets and wiped out umbrellas and towels from the beach in about 3 seconds of editing. So sneaky!

There you have it, the best editing apps for creative photos! I like to keep the number of apps on my phone to a minimum, so this is all you need. Before you even start editing, make sure you’re taking the best photos possible to begin with! Here are a few easy tips for phone photography.

Have fun and happy shooting!

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