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8 At-Home Photoshoot Ideas

May 12, 2020







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As someone who thrives on new experiences and new places for photos, this time of stay-at-home orders and quarantine has forced me to really flex my creative muscles for content. Whether you’re a professional content creator or you’re just looking for some fun photography to spice up that Instagram feed, here are eight at-home photoshoot ideas that you can do with little to no props!

All of these photos were taken by myself with either my DSLR camera or my phone, the self-timer setting, and a tripod. Get creative, make it your own, and happy shooting!

The Comfy Countertop

Sit on your kitchen counter, set up your self-timer and tripod, and grab your favorite mug or wine glass. For an added challenge, pour coffee or wine into your cup to add some motion to the shot!

Countertop Photo Pose

The Proud Pet Mom (or Dad)

Wait for your pet to get in a chill mood for this one! When they’ve calmed down and seem to be nestled in their favorite place, meet them where they are for a photoshoot. Lay on the bed with your kitty or sit on the floor with your pup, set the self-timer up for continuous shooting, and see what fun shots come out of it!

Cat lady photoshoot home

The Car Couture

Head out to the driveway for an editorial-inspired shoot with your car! Play with your rearview mirror, side mirrors, or hop on top of the hood. Get creative with it and have lots of patience if you’re setting up a tripod inside your car!

The Golden Hour Glow

All you need for this is blinds and a camera (a phone camera works)! About an hour before the sun goes down, find a window with blinds and sit or stand facing it. Play with poses and and positions as the light casts stripes onto your face!

Up Close and Personal

Get ready for your close-up! Find your loudest shade of lipstick and snuggle up to your camera lens for this one. I had a lollipop buried in the back of my pantry, but you could use any food – french fries, Oreos, you know – the healthy stuff!

The Bubbly Bursts

Grab some bubbles from the dollar store and head outside – this one might get messy! Set your phone or camera up for continuous shooting and relive your childhood with a bubble-blowing session!

The Flip

Prop required! Find a magazine or book and set up your self-timer to capture you flipping those pages. Ahhh, breathe in that book smell!

The Whip

Warning: this will take many tries to nail and you’ll really humble yourself as you delete through the fails. For this shot, I set up my tripod on my patio table in my backyard. Whip that hair back & forth until you get a good one! How’s that for a neck workout?

If you use any of these home photoshoot prompts, tag me in your photos on Instagram so I can share!

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