What to Do When You Can’t Travel

August 12, 2020







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Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re living in a time of cancelled flights, postponed trips, and empty calendars. A lot of people across the globe are wondering what to do when you can’t travel, myself included!

If you’re stuck in a pandemic rut like me, it’s time to get creative! While we all wait for life to return to normal, try out these local adventures on your next weekend or date night.

Take a Scenic Drive

Sick of the same old neighborhood streets and views? Be a tourist in your own city and go for an evening drive somewhere different. Getting out of your bubble will definitely help break up the monotony of your routine. Find a historic neighborhood with unique old homes or a brand new street with sprawling mansions. Or, find a charming country road or busy city street with prime people watching to switch up your scenery.

Scenic Drive | What to Do When You Can't Travel

See a Drive-In Movie

When was the last time you saw an outdoor movie? If you’re lucky enough to have a drive-in theater in your area, this is a great option for something fun to do when you can’t travel. A simple Google search will show you the closest drive-in to you. Don’t forget to pack snacks, blankets, pillows!

Plan a Picnic

Picnics are the new parties. I can confidently say that I’ve picnicked more this year than I have in my entire life. Find a nearby park with a flat, shaded grassy area and pack your favorite snacks and drinks. My go-to, no-mess picnic food? Pizza. No utensils required!

Pizza Picnic | What to Do When You Can't Travel

Take a Hike

Have you been walking around your neighborhood every day like me? Switch things up and take a hike! Use the AllTrails app or your local Parks and Recreation Department’s website to find the best walking and hiking trails near you. If you’re feeling ambitious, make a whole day of it and find a challenging mountain hike further away.

Hunt for Street Art

If you live in an urban area, chances are you can find street art or building murals near you. You might need to do some deeper digging here – I suggest searching your city name and “murals” or “street art” on Google and Pinterest. Hopefully the source will provide the street address so that you can go snap a photo for Instagram!

Mural Hunt | What to do when you can't Travel

Try a New Takeout Meal

Okay, I know this one isn’t wild, but food can be a powerful way to mentally transport you somewhere else! Take a break from your typical dinner and try a new place. Even better, plan a theme night around a certain destination complete with traditional food and a movie. Pair pasta with a movie set in Italy, or order Chinese food and watch Mulan. The possibilities are endless! Check out these 12 travel movies for inspiration!

Travel Theme Night | What to Do When You Can't Travel

Build a Blanket Fort

Yep, you read that right. Channel your inner child and build a fort in your living room for some fun feng shui! It’s no Hilton suite, but it’s a creative way to temporarily switch up your scenery while you can’t travel, even just for one night! Who says adults can’t enjoy a good old blanket fort?

I know how frustrating it is when you can’t fly off to a new city or country, so here’s hoping these alternatives can still bring you a renewed sense of adventure at home. There’s plenty to do and explore in your own backyard!

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