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10 Tips for an All-Star Hollywood Trip

October 4, 2017







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Planning a trip to Los Angeles? Without a doubt, a short drive up the road to Tinseltown will be worth every minute! Whether you’re a workout warrior, a cocktail aficionado, or a celebrity gossip queen, Hollywood will not disappoint. Check out my ten tips for making the most of your time in La La Land!

1. The Hollywood Sign

An absolute must-see! Pro tip: To get a good photo right in front of the Hollywood sign (I mean RIGHT there), take a Lyft up Deronda Drive as far as it can go. The driver will reach a point where you can’t drive any further. Walk the rest of the way to the top, and voila!

Hollywood Sign Hike Deronda Drive

2. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Honesty hour – the Hollywood Walk of Fame is not all it’s cracked up to be. The large horde of tourists & tacky superhero characters on the street give off some overwhelming Times Square vibes. Plan to spend a short amount of time here because once you’ve seen a few stars, you’ve seen them all.

Walk of Fame Hollywood Stars Meryl Streep

3. Runyon Canyon Park

The Runyon Canyon Hike is steep AF! Bring plenty of water and a good attitude because that will be tested. Don’t let the shirtless men running past you get you down – the view is worth it. Just make sure to reward yourself with a cocktail afterwards (see Tip 5).

Runyon Canyon Park, Hollywood view

4. Celebrity Sightings

Stop searching & be patient – they’ll pop up when you least expect it! (I spotted Dennis Quaid in a cheap, dark Mexican restaurant eating chips & salsa like the rest of us peasants!)

5. Bar Scene

You know those episodes of Entourage that end with them cheers-ing on a posh rooftop, overlooking the LA skyline? You’ll be feeling like Vinny Chase in no time at E.P. & L.P. Lounge and/or Skybar. Both of these bars had amazing views of Hollywood and Los Angeles in the distance, and killer drinks.

Skybar at Mondrian, Hollywood Hills

6. Getting Around

Best mode of transportation? Your gams! Walking everywhere really gives you a lay of the land, and you get to see some drop dead gorgeous Hollywood homes. I highly recommend Melrose Avenue and any street in the Hollywood Hills.

7. Coffee Fix

A good day starts with a good cup of coffee. Carrera Café is a one-of-a-kind corner coffee shop with a twist. You can order a custom image to appear on your latte – what?! Just download the Coffee Ripples app, upload a photo, and Instagram your heart out. Don’t forget to head outside to see the La La Land mural on the wall.

Carrera Cafe, Hollywood Latte

8. Photo Ops

Don’t leave without getting a gram in front of an angel wings mural. They’re everywhere! I found one on Melrose Avenue, but there are several located throughout Hollywood. Bonus points if you find them all.

Angel mural in Hollywood, California

9. Downtown LA

Make a late afternoon trip into downtown Los Angeles to see The Last Bookstore. Its reading nooks and book tunnel offer a cozy, homey feel. Walk a few blocks to the incredible Perch rooftop bar to catch the sunset – probably my favorite moment of my trip.

Perch Rooftop Bar, Downtown Los Angeles

10. Namaste in Hollywood

Decompress from the stresses of travel with a yoga class at Liberation Yoga – most beautiful yoga studio ever, and their drop-in price was super affordable! Mats can be rented, so don’t worry about rolling that up into your suitcase. Namaste, friends!

Hollywood, California

The next time you find yourself on the West Coast, make sure you schedule at least a couple of days in Hollywood, California!

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